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Rina Diet

 Rina Diet

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If you want to get rid of excess weight, you probably know that one of the most important aspects of a diet is the one related to health. It is important to know that the miraculous results will not attract adverse reactions from the body and, most importantly, will not put you in the situation, of having to deal with the yo-yo effect. Fortunately, there are methods through which you can get rid of excess weight, without too many efforts, in a very short period of time.


The 90-day diet allows you to quickly lose 10 kg and it also takes care of the health of your body

The Rina diet is one of the most popular methods for losing weight in a rapid and healthy manner at the same time. You do not have to starve yourself or to keep track of the calories in each meal, you lose weight in a visible manner and you will feel better than ever. Millions of people have already tried this diet.

Devised by a sports physician in the United States of America, it has been carefully analyzed by nutritionists from all over the world and it has received the best recommendations from cardiologists.The stars who have followed this rapid and healthy diet have declared themselves to be more than satisfied. Thus, the Rina diet has become the most popular method for losing weight in the world, being recommended even to professional athletes.

A balanced diet can help you obtain the much-desired physical shape, without too many efforts, but, most importantly, without affecting your health.

Doctors recommend this diet even to those who are suffering from cardiovascular conditions, due to the fact that, apart from losing excess weight, the diet involves a detoxifying process for the body.

A diet which is easy to follow

The advantage is that you can eat almost anything that fits into the four food categories, which represent the basis of the diet: proteins, starch, vitamins and carbs

An entire day is dedicated to each category, in which you will be able to combine the corresponding foods. Before we move on and discuss about the 4-day cycle and the way you should eat, in order to lose weight in a healthy manner, in the following, we will provide a short overview, regarding the tastiest food products recommended by nutritionists, which will make you feel like you are not even on a diet.


The protein diet

One of the most popular sources of proteins is meat. This can be boiled or grilled.

White fish, chicken or turkey meat and even beef are food products, which can be used for delicious meals, during the 90-day diet.

If you are among those who do not eat meat on a regular basis, as a general rule, you can opt for eggs and low-fat cheeses.

The starch diet

First of all, starch is an essential substance when it comes to health. Second, it is an essential substance, which can help you lose weight.

Starch can be found in seeds, fruits and in certain roots / tubercles: baked potatoes, dried beans, oats, and plantain – these are the vegetables with a high content in starch.

The Rina Diet will balance the consumption of these food products, so that you will not even realize, that you are a consuming a number of unappealing vegetables.

The vitamin diet

 Vitamins are an integral part of the Rina Diet. A person’s daily health is maintained with the help of vitamins.

The Rina Diet uses fruits and certain vegetables, in an optimum manner, in order to offer the perfect range of vitamins, which will help you lose weight in only 90 days.

The secret is to know when to eat fruits and vegetables. If you balance the vitamins, proteins and starch, you will never have to say goodbye to your favorite foods.

You will only be able to eat as you please, according to the program included in the Rina Diet.

The carbs diet

Carbs, being of two types, simple and complex, represent some of the biggest enemies when it comes to our figure.

Sweet potatoes, vegetables, cereals, bread, sodas, sweets, pasta – these are some of the food products that have a high carb content, simple or complex.

The Rina Diet transforms these enemies of your figure into a trustworthy friend, which will help you lose weight. When carbs are eaten along fruits, they are no longer that powerful.

Safe diet

The Rina Diet is one of the most appreciated methods for losing weight in the entire world. It is not a prescription based on drugs or nutritive substances but rather a method for losing weight.

It has become one of the most appreciated weight-loss methods in the world, given the fact that it is based on an eating schedule, without any drugs or additional products being involved.

Likewise, it has become one of the most appreciated weight-loss methods in the world, as it is not overly strict, allowing even small abuses.

The Rina Diet 90 is an eating and recipes plan – dissociated diet

Interesting, no? To have an eating plan, which is not as strict as others and, at the same time, to have a number of associated recipes?

These are recipes, for which you do not have to think that they only include mashed vegetables or a stock coming from tasteless vegetables. We are talking about recipes for cakes, meat-based meals, we are talking about recipes with carbs and many others.

So, you do not have any reason to be afraid of a dissociated diet. This will not represent an ordeal for you.

The Rina Diet 90: you can eat as much as you want, but it is not a food or drug-based supplement

When you begin the Rina Diet, you have to take into consideration the fact that you can eat what you like, without gaining weight. And this is just one of the advantages of the Rina Diet.

In 90 days, you can lose up to 20 kg.

Food dissociation is the big secret of the Rina Diet. This dissociation allows you to eat as much as you want, but without mixing food products. The Rina Diet groups food products in the four categories described above.

The Rina Diet: 90 days of free dieting but in an organized manner

The diet offers, in 90 days, the solution for losing weight, in a pleasant and natural manner, without any real difficulties.

The guide will help you follow, for a period of 90 days, a diet which is based on food dissociation. More specifically, the four types of food products have to be consumed in a grouped manner, in consecutively repeating days.

This means that today you will be able to eat proteins – fish, grilled or boiled meat etc. The quantities are not really relevant.

However, the entire day you will be able to consume this food product / group and, in the next day, another group, meaning vegetables. Going like that, the process of dissociation repeats itself, from one day to the other. At a certain interval of time, there are special days, in which you will consume only certain liquids or food products. Everything is natural, without any drug-based treatment or the usage of food supplements.

The Rina Diet is also a free and healthy lifestyle

Your favorite foods are not forbidden. The only limitation is related to the healthy manner, in which you can actually consume these.

You can even create your own recipes, within the diet, but you will have to respect the healthy manner of consuming these.

Pizza, chocolate, cakes and other treats are allowed. The menus of the Rina Diet are built, taking into consideration even the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization.

In this way, the healthy lifestyle is backed up by experts in the field, while offering the much-desired freedom, of eating what you like.

The Rina Diet is a nutritional philosophy not a dietary approach

Lucka Kostajnsek, a specialist physician, stated that, when he had analyzed the Rina Diet in depth, until the appearance of this particular diet, no one had offered a truly efficient dietary approach, with the maintenance of the optimal nutritional parameters.

In different words, other diets are not capable of maintaining the nutritional balance, which you are in need of.

The Rina Diet method delivers the correct combination of food products and, thus, it represents a true philosophy.

Nutritional gastronomy is when you eat tasty food products, which appeal to you, maintaining, at the same time, the optimal nutritional parameters, which allow you to reduce your overall weight.

The Rina Diet – Stages


The diet is an eating schedule


The Rina Diet Guide


The Rina Diet Guide is a very clear schedule, regarding the moments or intervals in a day, in which you can eat food products or meals. The schedule is organized in three clear periods of your biological rhythm:

  1. The digestion period

  2. The purification period

  3. The indigestion period

Each day is arranged around these periods, and the time intervals in which you can consume food products, regardless of the quantity, are extremely important.

The Rina Diet offers a detailed presentation of the right hours to eat and the periods in a day when eating is best avoided. Thus, through dissociated nutrition, you can finally have the figure you’ve always wanted.

The diet is a daily nutrition program

Each diet interval is found in a close correlation with the human metabolism, providing you, every four days, the intake of necessary nutritive substances.

Basically, every four days, there are days dedicated to a certain food category, from which you can eat as you please. The four days are consecutively dedicated to one of the following food categories: PROTEINS, VEGETABLES, CARBS, VITAMINS.

By repeating these special days, in which you will consume foods that are rich in the respective substances, you will ensure the nutritional dissociation, which will help your body get rid of the excess weight and to maintain, at the same time, the necessary nutritional mix for proper functioning.

At the same time, you will be able to enjoy any tasty treat, any food you prefer.

The diet is a three-month program

The 90 days of the diet are interrupted by three special days. These days have the purpose of restoring the balance to your body and guarantee proper regeneration, with the nutritional values being balanced, so that the next day you can start your diet, without difficulties, with the body being energized and balanced.

During these days, the consumption of liquids helps to the body with the detoxification process, leaving it, in the end, with an optimal nutritional configuration.

At the end of the 90 diet days, you will be amazed at the results you have obtained. Being an easy-to-follow diet, one that does not keep you away from the preferred treats, allowing you to lose weight, it is more than certain you will want to continue the diet or, at least, to repeat it…

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